One hundred and one Old Qári roots and their derivatives (part 2)

As I’ve worked through my list of roots, derived from the Leipzig-Jakarta list, I’ve realised how iterative this process can be. Starting out with only a handful of affixes, I can create dozens of words from one root, if I so wish. But new roots reveal new potential affixes, which can then be applied to earlier roots… Ultimately, the challenge here is knowing when to stop!

dwx “to fall down”
zero-grade: dúxə ‘rain, precipitation’;
front grade: duxé ‘to fall over’; déwəs ‘to push over, topple’; déwxṣl ’to worship, prostrate oneself’; 
back grade: duxá ‘to happen, to occur’; dáwə ‘event, portent, omen’;

dxk “liver, guts”
zero-grade: də́kṛʔ ‘intestines, offal’;
back grade: dáxkə ‘liver’; 

dyr “to gather”
zero-grade: dírɨ ‘to gather (vi.), congregate”; dírə ‘herd, flock’;
front grade: déyṛtə ‘to harvest, to gather (vt.)’; déyrə ‘harvest time’;
back grade: dáyrṣl ‘gathering, festival, season’; 

dyw “to be thick”
zero-grade: díwṇ ‘thick (adj.)’ díwə ‘thigh’;
front grade: déyukṇ ‘to become thick, to congeal’; 
back grade: dáywil ‘muscle’; dáywə ‘tree trunk’;

gpn “to surround”
zero-grade: gɨ́pṇ ‘around, about, on both sides of’; 
front grade: gɨpné ‘to surround’; gépnis ‘to embrace’; gépṇti ‘field’; gépṇk ‘defensive wall, palisade’
back grade: gápnə ‘enclosure, pen, sty (esp. for livestock)’; 

gxr “to ooze”
zero-grade: gə́ri ‘pus’; gə́rṇ ‘infected’; 
front grade: géxri ‘to bleed’; géxṛyṣt ‘menstruation hut’; géxrə ‘menstruation’;
back grade: gərá ‘blood’; gáxṛn ‘bloody’; gáxrṇt ‘courageous’; 
reduplicated: gəgáxrə ‘leprosy, skin disease’; gəgáxrət ‘leper’;

gʷdl “to be distant”
zero-grade: gʷɨdḷ ‘away, yonder (adv.)’; gʷɨdḷn ‘distant (adj.)’;
front grade: gʷédli ‘to migrate, to travel’; gʷédḷr ‘nomad’; gʷédḷs ‘to send, to exile’;
back grade: kigʷɨdlá ‘otherworld, underworld’; gʷádḷn ‘foreign, strange’;

gʷrm “to give off smoke”
zero-grade: gʷṛmɨ ‘mist, fog’; gʷṛmṇ ‘mysterious’;
front grade: gʷérṇw ‘to purify with smoke’; gʷṛmé ‘to smoke (vi);
back grade: lugʷṛmá ‘incense, smoke’; gʷárṇx ‘smoke’; gʷárṇw ‘to preserve with smoke’ 

gʷsy “to bend”
zero-grade: gʷɨ́si ‘to bend’; gʷɨ́sik ‘tent pole, bender’;
front grade: gʷṣyé ‘to fold’;
back grade: gʷásitṣ ‘bow’; gʷásix ‘elbow’, kigʷásix ‘knee’

gʷyr “to creep, to move stealthily”
zero-grade: gʷírɨ ‘to creep’; gʷírɨt ‘snake’; gʷíril ‘lizard’;
front grade: gʷiré ‘to hunt’; gʷéyrə ‘hunt (n)’ gʷéyrun ‘to steal’; gʷéyrunti ‘thief’;
back grade: gʷáyṛk ‘fox’;

kld “to be hard”
zero-grade: kḷ́dṇ ‘solid, hard’;
front grade: kéldṣl ‘to become hard’; kéldṣ ‘to harden (vt.) (esp of leather)’; kéldɨtṣ ‘armour’;
back grade: kḷdá ‘rock, stone’; káldət ‘tortoise’;

klm “to be propitious”
zero-grade: kḷ́mɨn ‘good’; kḷ́mṛ ‘in law, person related by marriage’; kḷ́mət ‘buffalo’;
front grade: kḷmé ‘to pay, exchange’; kélṇs ‘to improve (vt.)’; 
back grade: kálṇx ‘god, deity’;

kmd “to laugh”
front grade: kémdɨtə ‘to laugh’; kṃdé ‘to enjoy, to like’;
back grade: kṃdá ‘laughter, joy’;

knkʷ “to hang”
zero-grade: kṇ́kʷuŋ ‘cloud’;
front grade: kṇkʷé ‘to hang (vi.)’; kénkʷṣ ‘to hang (vt.)’;
back grade: kánkʷə ‘date’; kṇkʷá ‘hook’; kánkʷɨpi ‘to hesitate’;

kny “penis”
zero-grade: kṇ́yə ‘penis’; kṇ́yil ‘twig’;
back grade: kányə ‘male’;

krn “to dissolve, to disintigrate”
back grade: kárnə ‘ash’;

krs “to love”
zero-grade: kṛ́sə ‘friend’;
front grade: kṛsé ‘to love’; kérsu ‘to want, to desire’; 
back grade: kárṣr ‘lover’; kárṣx ‘love’;

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