About me…


Txakori is the current nom de glossopoésie of Deiniol Jones, a married civil servant in his late 30s who is both a disappointment to his parents and too fond of writing about himself in the third person.

Formerly known as Dewrad, I’ve been creating conlangs since 1995 or so and, in that quarter century, have ‘finished’ exactly one. My background is in Indo-European linguistics – especially historical linguistics – and that’s pretty apparent from my conlangs. Particular specialisms are Romance linguistics and Celtic linguistics – particularly on the Gaulish and Brythonic side.

Previous secular occupations include teacher of bastards modern foreign languages and classics, professional chef, and (astonishingly) model. Currently living in Moriconium, in the civitas of the Durotriges, Britannia Prima, with my husband and ample room for several dogs.